Claudia Dey

CLAUDIA DEY, Author of Heartbreaker



Listed as one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2018 by Entertainment WeeklyThe Millions, Publishers Weekly, Buzzfeed, Staff Pick at The Paris Review


Praise for heartbreaker

A whole-cloth, word-for-word triumph.


This is a book like no other. It's eerie, it's cult-y,
it's so very exciting, and I never wanted it to end.
– BUZZFEED, #1 of 35 Best Books of Fall 2018

Disturbed, seductive and thrilling.

A mashup of 'Stranger Things' and 'Martha Marcy May Marlene.'

Heartbreaker is a dark star of a book, glittering with mordant humor and astonishing, seductive strangeness and grace. I am a giant fan of Claudia Dey’s wild brain.
– LAUREN GROFF, author of Florida and Fates and Furies


This book gave me chills all the way through. It is deeply original—in its wildness, its structure, its wisdom, and its world. It convinced me that the deepest of human (and animal) urges is the pull to find one’s true home—which lies in the hearts of just a few others. I floated in the perfection of its ending. I loved this novel's shining sensitivity. I loved its every page.
– SHEILA HETI, author of Motherhood and How Should a Person Be?


Devoted, as I am, to the oddities of northern, remote lands, I could not put this book down. In turns, hilarious and harrowing, Heartbreaker’s icy exactitude is direct, disturbed and entirely splendid.
– SAMANTHA HUNT, author of The Dark Dark


I want Van Halen to write the soundtrack and the Coen brothers to make the movie. Heartbreaker plays out as a vivid, tender, complex magic. A totally compulsive, singular and wild read. The people in this book are so alive, and the book itself feels unthinkably new.
– LESLIE FEIST, Musician

I was kidnapped by this novel. Original, alluring and memorable, Claudia Dey's Heartbreaker will get under your skin. An electrifying story about buried pasts, dark secrets and dangerous loves that shimmers and sparks.
– IAIN REID, author of Foe and I'm Thinking of Ending Things


Heartbreaker makes high and hilarious art from the emotional pop-rocks and glittery junk of a certain way of being young. And vulnerable. Also it has one of the most awesome dogs in literature. A thrillingly original, wholly spellbinding and luminous novel.
– RIVKA GALCHEN, author of Atmospheric Disturbances


Behold the virtuosity of Heartbreaker! Claudia Dey has a perfect ear and the sharpest eye. Her portrait of Pony Darlene Fontaine, and the strange world she inhabits, is devastating, unsparing and unforgettable.
– MIRIAM TOEWS, author of A Complicated Kindness


What a completely thrilling novel! In its story, people, vision, sentences and fervor—in its pure intelligence and unbridled bravery—it stands apart. With Heartbreaker, the literary landscape is forever changed.
– BARBARA GOWDY, author of The White Bone


This book is beautifully written, profoundly strange, a perfect balancing act of dark and light. Part thriller, part love story, part coming-of-age novel, it broke my heart and then put it back together again.
– CLAIRE CAMERON, author of The Last Neanderthal and The Bear


Imagine a funnier, but more sinister, offspring of Peyton Place and Never Let Me Go, and you approximate the world of this stunning new novel. Claudia Dey's beautiful, off-kilter music has been missing from our literary landscape for too long––a most welcome return.
– MICHAEL REDHILL, author of Giller Prize-winning Bellevue Square



Photographs by Ashley Sophia Clark