"What a completely thrilling novel! In its story, people, vision, sentences
and fervor—in its pure intelligence and unbridled bravery—it stands
apart. Get ready Canlit. You are forever changed."

Barbara Gowdy, author of The White Bone, Helpless and Little Sister

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"Behold the virtuosity of Heartbreaker! Claudia Dey has a perfect ear and the sharpest eye. Her portrait of Pony Darlene Fontaine, and the strange world she inhabits, is devastating, unsparing and unforgettable."

Miriam Toews, author of All My Puny Sorrows and A Complicated Kindness


"Imagine a funnier, but more sinister, offspring of Peyton Place and Never Let Me Go, and you approximate the world of this stunning new novel. Claudia Dey’s beautiful, off-kilter music has been missing from our literary landscape for too long — a most welcome return." 

Michael Redhill, author of Bellevue SquareConsolation and Fidelity


"Beautiful… A perfect balancing act of dark and light."

Claire Cameron, author of The Bear and The Last Neanderthal


"Heartbreaker makes high and hilarious art from the emotional pop-rocks and glittery junk of a certain way of being young. And vulnerable. Also it has one of the most awesome dogs in literature. A thrillingly fun and original novel."

Rivka Galchen, author of American Innovations and Atmospheric Disturbances


Photographs by Ashley Sophia Clark